Zodiac Signs have their own set of gemstones, similar to each month having birthstones. Wearing one’s birthstone has been a symbol of good fortune for centuries. Wearing one’s zodiac sign stone on the other hand, has a more complex purpose— to heighten one’s good qualities and to help heal and conquer one’s not-so-good qualities. These stones are specially connected to their respective signs in order to balance and encourage growth within the wearer. 

A circular illustrated chart showing all Zodiac signs, their dates, and corresponding gemstones

Aquarius’s born January 20th through February 18th are progressive, original, and independent

Aquarius signs are best known for their go-getter attitude, specifically towards humanitarian efforts. They are intelligent, imaginative, creative, and free spirited. Aquarius signs also tend to be a little quirky and eccentric! Because of their thirst for knowledge and progressive thought processes they are well versed and have strong convictions. If gone unchecked, this can often lead to the less-than-great tendencies of being distant, stubborn, or self righteous in their beliefs.

Aquarius is matched with Amazonite and Garnet. Amazonite is believed to be a stone of truth, honor, communication, and integrity. These metaphysical properties are meant to allow the Aquarius to communicate their thoughts with kind intention and calm words. Amazonite is also thought to stimulate creativity and intellect, helping guide the Aquarius’s imaginative spirit. Garnet is believed to boost energy and revitalize the wearer, further encouraging the Aquarius to do good deeds.

 Pices’s born February 19th through March 20th are empathetic, imaginative, and gentle

Pisces zodiac signs are creatives with a vast imagination. They are naturally empathetic and kind hearted. Their generosity and go with the flow mentality guides them on their journey; but when pushed too far can often lead them in the wrong direction. Because it is in their nature to be agreeable and inclusive, they are often easily manipulated. For this reason, over time they develop a coping mechanism of closing off or being overly sensitive.

Amazonite and Amethyst are the gemstones matched with Pisces. Amazonite is believed to aid in communication and integrity, helping maintain a clear mindset when being steered in the wrong direction. Amethyst is believed to help balance and ease frustration, allowing the Pisces to remain open minded in the moments where they wish to shut down and to stay calm in times where their emotions get the best of them.

Aries, born March 21st through April 19th are determined, enthusiastic, and optimistic

Aries are excited, happy and upbeat. They see the glass half full and are always eager to build their community up with them. Aries are often fearless leaders who tackle anything life throws at them. They speak with conviction and have endless determination. Because of their passionate approach, they often get tripped up on every minor detail and have a short fuse when dealing with small problems. They love to follow their own path and can often move too fast for others to follow or in directions others don’t wish to go, making them come off a bit too self involved. 

Aries is matched with Rose Quartz and Fossilized Coral. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, meant to encourage strong and healthy relationships and to help the wearer let go of resentment. This is the perfect stone to help the Aries slow down and become closer to their loved ones. Fossilized Coral is a stone of inner peace and positivity. This stone is to help balance and remind the Aries of the important things in life.

Taurus, born April 20th to May 20th are patient, devoted, and practical

The peaceful Taurus loves to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In short, the Taurus would spend all day at a serene spa, poolside, or at a peaceful park if they could. Even though they have a gentle spirit, they are strong, resilient, and can work very hard to get what they want. For their life to feel balanced, they crave stability. Because they are creatures of habit, the Taurus can get very defensive when things don’t go the way they planned. They can be overindulgent and stubborn, which is their blessing and curse. In its best form, their stubbornness is translated to unwavering loyalty and devotion to who they love. In its worse, it comes off as them being too headstrong.

Amazonite and Sapphire are the gemstones matched for Taurus. Amazonite is meant to further encourage their trustworthiness and loyalty. Sapphire is a symbol of strength, believed to provide a sense of serenity and focus. This is to help the Taurus live a smooth and peaceful existence.

Gemini’s born May 21st through June 20th are curious, adaptable, and expressive

The ever curious Gemini, jack of all trades, masters of many. Gemini is the ultimate multitasker, constantly carrying a multitude of interests, hobbies, and friend groups. They are oftentimes the most social of all signs. Gemini are impulsive creatures by nature, always looking for new opportunities. However, this can often lead to them being unreliable and gossipy. 

For the Gemini is the Sunstone and Agate. Sunstone is believed to ward off negativity and encourage a positive disposition. This is to balance the Gemini’s urge to judge others and invite more positive thoughts. Agate is a stone of luck and intellect, fueling the Gemini as they embark on their many journeys. 

Cancer’s, born June 21st through July 22nd are tenacious, imaginative, and persuasive

The kind hearted Cancer, symbolized by the crab for it’s tough exterior and soft interior. Cancers are one of the most emotional signs, allowing them to be in touch with their inner-self, therefore making them highly intuitive. They are naturally protective, nurturing people who wish to see others happy and comfortable. Cancers are extremely sensitive which often leads to insecure thoughts and moody behaviors. These can get so intense that those around them choose to keep their distance out of fear of being lashed out at. 

Cancer’s gemstones are Rose Quartz, Emerald, and Pearl. Rose Quartz is believed to encourage self-love, helping heal Cancers insecure tendencies. Emerald is a positive stone believed to strengthen friendships and attract love and success; good for the Cancer who often finds themselves with fair-weather friends. Pearls represent love and beauty from within, believed to offer tranquility and aid in self-acceptance to balance the Cancer’s occasional mood swings.

Leo’s, born July 23rd through August 22nd are creative, passionate, and humorous

The charismatic Leo is a dedicated friend and loyal partner. They love stability but are excited by drama and passion. This sign is creative and soulful, often surrounded with other artistic people. While Leo is the type to lay their heart on the line for their loved one’s, they also tend to compete with others, letting their ego, pride, and/or jealousy overwhelm them. They constantly have their eye on the price and don’t let failures get in the way of their confident vision. They enjoy being wined and dined, and often like to dress in high-end fashion. When gone unchecked, their impulses can become unhinged and be perceived as vain or greedy. 

The stones matched with Leo are Citrine, Ruby, and Onyx. Citrine and Onyx are similar in that they are both believed to offer prosperity, strength, and personal power. These stones further secure the good qualities within Leo and are thought to aid in their success. Ruby is associated with love and is also believed to encourage achievement, allowing the Leo to be guided by their heart.

 Virgo’s, born August 23 through September 22nd are loyal, kind, and practical

Virgos are well known for their sensible and detail oriented nature. They are wonderful and loyal friends and partners; great for giving sound advice. They are always thinking of ways they can improve themselves and others. Although improving upon one’s flaws is usually beneficial towards one’s growth, if the Virgo goes too far into analyzing their faults they can become too self-critical. They are talented at practically everything they set their mind to but are often displeased or frustrated with themselves during the learning process.

For the Virgo, there is Moonstone and Emerald. Moonstone is believed to provide relief from emotional stress, perfect for calming the Virgos’ occasional nitpicking. Emerald is thought to bring positive energy and to help with patience and success which aids the Virgo on their way to greatness!

 Libra’s, born September 23rd through October 22nd are cooperative, gracious, and social

The Charming Libra likes when things are nice and clean. They love to keep an even-keeled, peaceful existence; not taking sides or placing blame. Libra believes in justice and doing what is right but will avoid fighting or confrontation. While these qualities are the Libra’s best, they can also prove to be detrimental towards their decision making. Because they are so impartial, they often find it difficult to settle into a decision. 

Quartz, Opal, and Peridot are the gemstones matched with the Libra. Quartz is believed to help purify the spiritual and mental planes, giving the Libra clarity for their choices. Opal is believed to amplify one’s positive traits, giving way to one’s full potential. It also is believed to stimulate intuition so the Libra can follow their gut towards achieving success. Peridot is believed to inspire confidence and to help the wearer overcome any challenges they may face. This stone is to allow the Libra to maintain their positive, well-balanced disposition. 

Scorpio’s, born October 23rd to November 21st are brave, passionate, and determined

The Scorpio is a goal driven, hard working over-achiever. They’re always 5 steps ahead, mapping out the next task to complete on their way to success. Their ambition and passion fuels them towards achieving great things but can often also lead to mood swings and large egos. Oftentimes, their drive can come off as controlling and steer others away. However, once the Scorpio forms their alliance with a partner or friend, they demonstrate total loyalty, trust, and unmatched compassion for the ones they love. 

Rose Quartz and Fossilized Coral are the stones matched with the Scorpio. Rose Quartz is a stone of love, believed to encourage strong relationships and help ease the wearer of any anger. This stone is to further connect the Scorpio to fostering long lasting relationships and to calm their moody tendencies. Fossilized Coral is a stone of inner peace, cooling down the Scorpios fiery “always have to do more” mentality and providing harmony of being.

Sagittarius, born November 22nd to December 21st aare generous, idealistic, and humorous

The ever curious Sagittarius, loves to travel and explore new things. Their happy place is roaming a new city or bouncing around town with large groups of friends. Sagittarius are independent in nature, with the ability to enchant anyone and everyone with their magnetism and exciting sense of humor. They are up for anything that’ll make a fun story. However, their blunt jokes and endless stories can at times come off artificial or patronizing. Because of their constant quest for something new they can often seem distant, emotionless or cold to those close to them.

Amethyst and Turquoise are the stones matched with Sagittarius. Amethyst is believed to bring a sense of tranquility and clarity to the wearer. This allows the Sagittarius to be content in the here and now, instead of having their mind on the next adventure. Turquoise is believed to protect the wearer from outside influences and to aid in self-realization. This allows the Sagittarius to maintain their inner balance and to be aware of oneself when being accused of acting pretentious.

Capricorn, born December 22nd to January 19th are responsible, disciplined, and ambitious

The busy body Capricorn loves to hustle and grind. They like to meticulously plan and are always the one to set up the itinerary for vacations and events. Capricorns often are entrepreneurs because they like being their own boss and being able to implement structure to their daily routines. They’re extremely resourceful and go after the things they want. Unfortunately, this often leads to giving up on certain friends, jobs, or other means that they believe are no longer serving them. Capricorns don’t like to be still or stagnant, they feel like they must always be doing something constructive. If they’re not doing something productive, they feel unworthy of their success or unsatisfied with their time. They can often sound rude, blunt or condescending to those they believe are getting in their way. 

For Capricorn is Labradorite, Sapphire, and Ruby. Labradorite is said to be a stone of transformation. It’s believed ability to protect and balance the aura aids the Capricorn by giving their day’s equilibrium. Sapphire is believed to bring kindness and serenity, helping bring the Capricorn back to earth when they are feeling disconnected. Ruby is a stone of love and passion, said to promote a clear mind and to encourage prosperity; aiding the Capricorn towards happily achieving their goals.

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