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Crafting Confidence with Every Design

Founded in 2014, Luna Norte jewelry emerged from the shared dreams of two spirits. Jessica, a devoted gemologist captivated by the untouched allure of gems, joined forces with Rosemary, an entrepreneurial spirit with a deep-rooted passion for style, design, and curation.

From a duo in a small garage to an unstoppable team of over 20, Luna Norte's journey is nothing short of a dream. Our ambition remains boundless, with skies not being the limit. We have evolved into a global brand that fuses nature's raw charisma with playful elegance. Every piece reflects the creators' passion and imagination. Embark on our journey and let your narrative intertwine with ours.

Welcome to Luna Norte.

Our Mission

At the heart of Luna Norte lies a simple yet profound mission: to inspire individual stories, dreams, and passions. As you layer our metals, remember that our brand draws strength from your individuality. We are not just about adornments; we celebrate the fusion of style, comfort, and confidence. Our pieces are crafted keeping every person in mind, ensuring that when adorned, it feels right, making you the most confident version of yourself.

At Luna Norte, we believe in giving back and supporting issues that matter. That’s why we donate to local causes and schools, as well as many organizations that are trying to make a difference. See a full list of organizations we have supported and that you should too here.

Inclusivity, Style, & Affordability

Fashion should be a universal dance where everyone can move to their own beat. From the delicate drapes to the bold edgy styles, Luna Norte ensures that the pieces are comfortable, fashionable, and befitting for any occasion. It's about celebrating diversity, both in our community and in the gemstones we incorporate.

Navigating the vast landscape of the jewelry industry, we found a sweet spot between luxury brands and affordable choices. Luna Norte delivers premium quality without draining your wallet. Our semi-precious gemstones are curated to ensure that every customer feels both proud and confident with their purchase.

Celebrating You!

Each gemstone mirrors the unique vibes and stories you bring. Our pieces aren't just jewelry; they're confidence boosters. Ready to accentuate your personal style, whether it's a laid-back day or a standout event. Celebrate you, and let your style speak volumes.
Your story, our gems.


Connect With Us

Your journey with Luna Norte doesn't end with a purchase. We value your feedback, cherish your stories, and memories associated with our brand. So, share with us, be a part of our evolving story, and let's continue being there for each other.