Discover “Coffee” Moonstone: Your New Euphoric Mood Enhancer

Just as coffee wakes up the mind and lifts your spirits, the shimmering facets of our new gemstone awaken every eye, capturing light and radiating brilliance.

Illuminate in the morning's first light or gleam under the moon's silver gaze, you can indulge in this refreshing gem not just in the AM but 24/7! Meet the Starbucks of gemstones, “Coffee” Moonstone! Trust us, one glance at these gems, and you’ll be more hooked than on your morning espresso shot.


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In pursuit of your new favorite gem, we discovered “Coffee” Moonstone in early 2023 at the annual Tucson Gem Show! A unique gemstone of mesmerizing depth and shimmer. “Coffee” Moonstone gets its buzz from resembling your favorite coffee shades. From shades like a milky latte, to bold cold brews, to peachy cappuccinos and deep espresso browns – there's a flavor for everyone! And the pièce de résistance? That surreal shimmer, dancing across the stone like the Northern Lights. Every stone is like that unique latte art on your coffee – no two are the same.

Let’s dive into Gem History 101. Moonstone, an elite member of the Feldspar family, owes its Insta-worthy blue glow to intertwined Feldspar layers playing peek-a-boo with light. This glow-up, dubbed the "schiller effect", is so iconic that moonstone has been the heartthrob of civilizations from centuries past, from the ancient pharaohs to Roman aristocrats. Heck, even Florida gave this gem the title of ‘State’s Best Gem’!

Our fall collection? Imagine sipping your espresso martini and gazing at the stars. We’re serving iconic favorites embraced by many, like our 'Gemstone Point' and 'Conversation Heart', but with a coffee twist! These are not your basic neutrals. Each cut of the stone ensures you get a new 'OMG! Look at that!' moment every time you take a glimpse at it. We’ve got new fresh brews (designs) too! Layer up or let them steal the show solo. 

In an era where SEO drives fashion decisions, consider these keywords: trending, neutrals, and essentials. “Coffee” Moonstone embodies all three. Neutrals have been sweeping the fashion scene, and our latest photoshoot illustrates just why. Their unparalleled versatility ensures they are not confined to a season; they are timeless. While pops of color may fleetingly become the trend of the moment, neutrals, particularly the subtle brilliance of “Coffee” Moonstone, seamlessly blend with any palette and any season.


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What’s in it, besides the allure? It’s your spiritual barista, believed to serve up heaping doses of intuition, innovation, and raw expression. Felt stuck in a creative rut? Wear this stone and let it be the muse you’ve been waiting for.


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Why choose Coffee Moonstone? Our fall collection isn’t just about upping your fashion game; it’s about illuminating your soul. Apart from its inherent beauty, when set against gold plating, this combo accentuates not just the stone’s charm but also your natural glow.

As we continue to witness the rise of neutrals in fashion, it's evident they're more than just a fleeting trend. They're an investment. Wear them in summer, flaunt them in winter; their versatility ensures they remain evergreen. And the best part? As seasons change and new color trends emerge, your “Coffee” Moonstone pieces will always remain a perfect match, ready to complement and elevate.


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Fashion is a form of self-expression. So, whether you're preparing for a day of creativity, gearing up to conquer challenges, or simply capturing that perfect selfie, remember it's all about embodying your true self. With “Coffee” Moonstone by your side 24/7, celebrate your individuality, exude confidence, and let your authentic self-shine through. After all, style is personal; make it uniquely yours.


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