Summer Style Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Sparkling in the Sun this Summer


Dive into the spirit of summer with your jewelry game! From flirty anklets to versatile front-back earrings and the eternal charm of silver, our ultimate Summer Style Guide is here to effortlessly amp up your look. Get ready to sparkle under the sun and make every outfit pop with our curated selection of summer must-haves!

Anklet Styling:

Hit the beach or dance beneath the stars—anklets are your go-to for stepping up your summer style. Whether you're pairing our delicate Go Barefoot Beaded anklet with strappy sandals for a subtle shimmer or rocking our bold Echoing Chain Maille for a standout statement, these pieces are all about versatility. Go ahead, layer up with multiple anklets to capture that effortless, laid-back summer essence. We're all about mixing it up with sneakers or flops for the ultimate vacation-ready look! 

Front-Back Earrings:

Front-back earrings add a modern twist to summer jewelry with their unique design that features a visible front stud and an intriguing back piece. Ideal for any setting, these earrings blend functionality with flair. You can choose from styles like the gemstone laden Cosmic Druzy in gold, the sleek Double Trouble in Sterling Silver, or the simple yet bold Orb in silver or gold options. They offer a refreshing take on traditional earrings and are perfect for those looking to enhance their style with something a bit different.

Working with Silver Styles:

Perfect for those warm summer months, our cool-toned silver pieces—from the minimalist Huggie hoops to our personalized gemstone stackable rings, 'Shine On'—are designed to complement your sun-kissed skin. Whether you're dressing up for a summer night out or keeping it casual by the pool, our versatile silver selections let you mix, match, and layer to create looks that are as unique as you are. Dive into summer with elegance and let your personal style shine through with every piece!

Styling Swimwear:

Styling jewelry with swimsuits can add the perfect finishing touch to your beach or poolside look. Layer delicate necklaces or waist chains over plunging necklines or open-back swimsuits for a statement-making effect. Adorn your wrists with stackable gemstone bracelets to achieve a bohemian vibe. Statement earrings, like oversized hoops, can instantly elevate a simple swimsuit ensemble, while dainty stud earrings offer a subtle yet elegant finishing touch. For more swimsuit inspiration, check out InStyle's curated selection of editor-picked summer swimsuits for 2024. Remember to keep it minimal and choose pieces that complement your swimsuit's style and color palette for a cohesive and chic look that effortlessly transitions from the beach to the bar.


With the right jewelry pieces, you can effortlessly elevate your summer style and make a statement wherever you go. Whether you're sporting playful anklets, versatile front-back earrings, or timeless silver styles, let your jewelry reflect your unique personality and embrace the spirit of summer with every ensemble. Go ahead—mix, match, and layer your favorite pieces to create a look that's as vibrant and unforgettable as the season itself.


P.S. Check out our Jewelry Care Guide for insider tips for your new gems, let’s keep them shining bright!


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