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Your wedding day is not just any day—it’s THE day! Welcome to your fairy-tale moment, where every scene is a whirlwind of emotions and a symphony of love, with you stealing the spotlight. From the high vibe bachelorette to the grandeur of the ‘I Do’, Luna Norte is your backstage pass to a curated collection of jewelry, adding that touch of sparkle to every act of your love story!


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Styles Crafted for Every Bride

Every bride is a unique masterpiece, and we have a diverse palette of styles to paint your story! Whether you resonate with Timeless Elegance, Bohemian Bliss, Minimalist Chic, or Unconventional Edge – we have treasures ranging from $18-$200, ensuring you dazzle without denting your budget!


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Timeless Elegance:

For lovers of timeless elegance, we're infusing pearls and vintage charm with a distinctive Luna Norte sparkle. Glide down the aisle exuding grace, accentuated by a dramatic cathedral-length veil, epitomizing sophistication with every step! Elevate your look with our Stacked Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings harmoniously paired with the Grid Spectrum CZ Collar Chain Layering Necklace.


Bohemian Bliss:

Unleash your boho essence with our nature-infused jewelry and substantial gems, meticulously handcrafted to whisk you away to a whimsical wonderland! The Smoking Point Hoop Earrings are your gateway to bohemian brilliance amidst the metropolitan backdrop.


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Minimalist Chic, City Sleek:

For the minimalist at heart, embrace elegance with our understated yet striking pieces. Our Cosmic Druzy Front Back Earring represents sophistication in its purest form – simplicity with a chic twist.

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Unapologetically Unconventional:

Bold and daring, assert your style with vibrant gemstones and audacious designs. Our High Polish Orb Front Back Earring or the In Suspense Statement Earrings serve as your emblem of unconventional spirit! Illuminate the city with eclectic rebellion and let your vibrant spirit radiate! 


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Squad Goals:

Your tribe has journeyed with you through every urban escapade – from the pulse of subway rides to the exhilaration of rooftop celebrations. Shower them with affection and gratitude with harmonizing bling and personalized treasures like our Conversation Heart Necklace and Mini Hoop Earrings.

Bachelorette Bash: Bling It On!

Amp up the festivities with statement earrings and personalized necklaces for your bachelorette! From dancing beneath the city glow to exploring the urban jungle, we’re on board to make every moment unforgettable! Consider our Heart of Gold Toggle Bracelet or Necklace, or for a more delicate chain option, our Self Love Toggle Necklace, available in an array of favorite shades and gemstone properties.


Beyond the “I Do” to Everyday “I Am”

Our curated collection is your companion through every cityscape and skyline. Luna Norte is with you, adding a sprinkle of sparkle to your everyday adventures, from Sunday brunches to nights bathed in city lights.

Ready to Sparkle Through Your Journey?

Embark on a discovery of Luna Norte’s collection, a harmonious blend of trends and timeless treasures. Your love story is a canvas waiting to be adorned; let’s create a masterpiece together!

Stay in the loop:

Find your bridal vibe by following our Pinterest for bridal inspiration and see how our styles blend into your dream wedding. Stay tuned by signing up for newsletters and connect with us on social media for exclusive offers, style tips, and a daily sparkle! We would love to feature your special moments, so don’t forget to tag us!

With Luna Norte, your love story is not just narrated; it’s adorned and celebrated! Here’s to sparkling together and crafting unforgettable memories! Dive into our collection and let’s shine together! 

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